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One Partner for all Business Technologies

What we offer to Partners

Net Hoster has engineered an end-to-end product suite with multiple technologies capable of delivering and supporting high end solutions for the requirements of every business. As a Partner you will be provided with a stable and very productive platform, so you can be assured of a successful business, now and for the future.

Not only is our offering very compatible to business requirements, it is also highly competitive. As an end-to-end supplier of products service Net Hoster’s offering is far more attractive than our competitors as are a one stop shop for multiple technologies which are packed with value and at a very competitive price.

Net Hoster offers Partners a combination of supply and support for all products and services we offer. With many years of experience and expertise in each of the related products Partners can be assured the service and support will be available no matter how simple or complex a customer opportunity may be.

Types of Partnerships available

Referral Partnership

Referral Partnerships with Net Hoster require a significantly less investment than our other partnership offerings. The referral partner’s function is to introduce Net Hoster to their existing clients or new prospects who are in need of our services. Meaning you only need to understand our product’s benefits to gain interest and we do the rest. As a referral partner, it’s a way to reach your financial goals without requiring sales and operational infrastructure. With this partnership Net Hoster’s retains the responsibility of Marketing, Sales, Provisioning, Project Management, Installation, Technical & Billing Support.

Sales Partnership

A Sales Partnership will mean your business sales team will retain ownership of the selling process all the way through to signed application and Net Hoster will take care of the rest of the process. With substantial rewards, this relationship can be highly lucrative, additionally, it’s a cost-effective way to reach a new customer base without expanding your operational efforts. With this partnership Net Hoster’s retains the responsibility of Provisioning, Project Management, Installation, Technical & Billing Support.

Business Centre Partnership

With more responsibility, the Business Centre Partnership requires a significant investment to either expand or establish a new operational Sales and Technical Centre dedicated to Net Hoster’s offering. This is a partnership with a business structure which enables lucrative upfront and reoccurring revenue. You can be assured that your invest will not only be secure but also productive.

Our Products

Telco Services

Net Hoster combines a solid Telco offering with support from telecommunication experts have worked for and with major carriers for many years. Our focus is to support business by reducing costs while increasing functional efficiency through analysis of customer’s telecommunication services. Unlike other Telco suppliers, Net Hoster provides Partners with assistance in assessing customer needs to identify the best combination of technology, carrier service, and support required to run any different business.

IT Services

Net Hoster does more than implement our client’s core operational, financial, and strategic goals. We design programs that improve them. IT asset management can easily become a tedious and painful task. For most businesses, we come across, the past problem has been finding the best managed solution tailored to specific needs in a complicated market. Net Hoster will make sure Partners will always retain traction in the market with an easy to understand IT offering which is well supported by a state of the art technical solution design, sales and support team.

Web Services

With the right mix of marketing strategists, testers, designers, copywriters and programmers, Net Hoster will help Partners achieve a customer’s Web Solution that blends the needs of the specific business with that of the customers target audience using Website, Apps and Search. To succeed in delivering cutting-edge services, we’ve made it our mission to delve deeper into evolving technologies and consider closely how technologies are changing people’s online behavior. Through constant research and analysis Net Hoster’s Partners are assured a stable productive environment will be provided.

Print & Copy Services

Net Hoster is committed to providing Partners with supply, service and support of Copiers, Printers and a complete MPS (Managed Print Service) solution. We supply our Partners with quality Copiers, which not only give your customers great print quality, also great savings on print cost. The range of copiers along with Net Hoster’s Management Services takes the hassle out of looking after customers Copiers and printers. Not all Printers and Multifunction devices are created equal, Net Hoster’s range are durable, environmentally friendly at a cost to run which is significantly less over their lifetime than other products on the market.

Other Technical Services

Not only does Net Hoster supply, install and manage the above technologies we also have a range of other blue chip technical products on offer, such as; Surveillance, WIFI, Point of Sales and much more. With Net Hoster you can be assured that you will be able to provide a product and service which is in high demand no matter what your customer needs are.

How we support Partners


Our training will cover all the aspects associated with the type of Partner engagement you have successfully been assigned. The training will include all aspects of the Partnership related topics, such as; Product Training, Solution Building, Sales training, Recruiting, Back-office Record-keeping and how to Maximize Productivity. You will also receive complete written documentation on all training in the form of reference manuals or other written materials.

Operational assistance

The initial training will cover all aspects of operating the business unit, with enough repetition so that new Partners are able to operate the business from the day they open. Great support will involve the Partner sending an experienced operation’s staff person to assist in the on-site operations of the new business for as long as it takes to make sure the competency exists. Depending on the Partnership type Net Hoster will provide support for Sales Documentation, Ordering and Provisioning, Project Management, Field Technical Services, Billing and Technical support.

Marketing assistance

Typical marketing support will include a complete marketing plan for the new business that covers all activities for at least the first three months of operation. This plan will include Target Audiences, Market Timing, Promotional Material and Costing for Marketing plan.

Location and Construction assistance

For any business that is site-dependent it is always good practice to have a position which is among business with a demand for your service and highly visible. Support from Net Hoster will include an on-site review by the Partner of any proposed site and direct assistance in the negotiation and execution of the lease. Prior to the point of construction or fit-out detailed instructions outlining all the components that need to be ordered and assembled to build the business as well as sources for each component. Depending on the investment Net Hoster can complete a turn-key site for the new Partner.

Where to next?

The next steps in the onboarding process are as follows

1. Partner Application

2. Non-Disclosure Agreement

3. Business Requirements Consultation

4. Contract Signing & Approval

5. Introduction to the business

6. Product & Systems Training

7. Onboarding

8. Launch

Speak with the Channel Partner team today for further information on how Net Hoster can support you in growing a business in the Technology Industry.

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