Australia’s fixed-line networks are being upgraded as the National Broadband Network (NBN) rolls out across the country. In areas being connected to fixed line NBN services, the existing Telstra local access networks will be switched off. Homes and businesses in these areas will need to move to the NBN to maintain fixed line internet and phone services.

Migrating Phone and Internet Services to the National Broadband Network
Step 1: Check the following equipment for NBN compatibility
  • Phone System

  • EFTPOS Machine


  • Fax

  • Security Systems

  • & any other device that connects to your copper phone line

If you are unsure about how your phone system will be affected by the NBN call our customer team on 133 200.

We also advise calling your suppliers of all the other devices you use in your business and asking them how your devices will be affected, and anything you should keep in mind when transitioning to the NBN.

Step 2: Choose Your Data (Internet) Provider

Now you know how your devices will be affected by a move to the NBN, it's time to look for your new NBN data connection. This is the backbone of all your new communications setup and every device you use in your office will now run over this connection. Plus your day to day internet traffic at the office. This step can happen at the same time as looking at your options for a phone system.

Step 3: Assess your options for upgrading phone system and other devices if required

In a lot of cases, you can get an NBN compatible IP phone system even before the NBN is available in your area. Moving to an IP Phone System is likely to save your business money, so ask your provider about SIP when you talk to them.

Step 4: Your New Carrier Will Organise Your Data (Internet) Connection

Now the NBNco have connected your premises to which every NBN technology you are getting, your new data carrier can activate your new data connection which your phone system, and all the other devices in your office will run on.

Step 5: Activate All Your Devices

In many cases when your new NBN connection becomes active, activating your devices including your phone system will be as simple as just plugging it back in. However, depending on your IT setup a change in internet connection may require you to change the settings on some devices.

Step 6: Port Your Numbers

"Porting Numbers" is the process of moving your telephone numbers from one the legacy copper network, to your new NBN. This porting of numbers can be between the same carrier, or from one carrier to another. To move your numbers, call the phone carrier who will be looking after your phone numbers on the NBN and let them know you are ready to move. They will then work with you to transfer your numbers from your old copper setup.

If you are moving just one phone number this porting process can take up to 6 days. Or up to 28 days if you are moving multiple phone numbers.

Step 7: Turn Off Old Services

Now your new NBN is up and running and all your devices and telephone numbers have moved over to your new IP based communications world it's time to cancel all your old services. Most reputable providers will allow you to switch from their ADSL internet connection, to an NBN connection without any penalties, and without any need to give X days notice. If you are moving between carriers their may be some kind of notice period you have to give, where you may have to continue paying for these services until the end of this notice period.

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