The business world is moving faster and faster, and becoming more global and mobile. Working together in teams has become standard operating procedure, and new technologies are being developed to help workers communicate, collaborate, and share resources. And members of a new generation, fully accustomed to all the technological tools at their disposal, are entering the workforce in large numbers, and demanding greater freedom in managing how they work, and when.

To make the most of these trends, companies need to take a more strategic approach to how they design and organise the workplace. That means taking into account all the different stakeholders with whom employees interact — their co-workers, customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, and even friends and family. Ultimately, the new workplace architecture will seamlessly combine five key features: the right access devices, an appropriate communications infrastructure, the necessary business applications, a team-oriented workplace environment, and an overarching digital security umbrella.

Members of a new generation are entering the workforce, and bringing with them their smartphones, tablets, and personal laptops. And they expect to be able to use these powerful new devices not just to interact with friends and family during work hours, but to do their work as well. Business is changing too — working around the clock to meet the needs of the increasingly global economic environment. Teamwork and collaboration are at the heart of how companies operate now. Enabling these changes, new technologies have sped up the digitisation of businesses in every industry, allowing them to better monitor operations and get much closer to their customers.

As a result, companies looking for a competitive advantage must now view the workplace itself as a strategic asset to boost performance, optimise costs, maximise customer contact, reduce time to market for new products and services, and attract and retain talent. To do so, however, they must understand the factors that are forcing the radical changes we now see in the workplace, the challenges those factors have created for companies, and how they can overcome them to build a fully digital, truly strategic workplace.

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